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Horses for Lease


Horse Available for Lease

Please note- all Project Hope Horses are available for LEASE ONLY, and subject to the following conditions:

1. A home check conducted by a PHHWV Representative

2. For rideable horses, successful completion of a riding compatability assessment

3. maintenance of a current PHHWV Membership for the term of the lease

4. The PHHWV horse must remain within Victoria

5. Mares are not to be used for breeding.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the available horses....



Tiny is a 7 year old 15 hand thoroughbred mare looking for a long term home. Tiny has well established manners in hand even when away from the herd and put into new environments. She was ridden last year and was responsive to all aids under saddle but at this stage has had the majority of her training done at liberty and in hand. Tiny learns quickly, is forward and good with spooky things. She is showing great promise with liberty work.

Like many horses Tiny has required targeted exercises to support her physical development and will require this into the future.

If you like a horse that comes running when she sees you, is cheeky and quick and you know and keep your boundaries then Tiny may be for you. She is well and truly ready to have more challenges to keep her engaged.



Rosie is a 15h TB chestnut mare, 10yo. She is educated for riding but was until recently only kept with little handling in a larger herd. Hence she is green and needs a competent rider initially, but quickly gets used to whatever she is faced with.

Rosie has just completed several weeks of riding assessment and training. She has accepted a huge number of changes in a few weeks, and has a sweet nature that indicates she will be a great riding horse for trails or light riding. Due to an old injury above her front knee, we would not lease her for jumping. She is just waiting to find a home where she can settle and we expect in a few months of regular work, become a quiet riding horse.



Axel is a nine year old 15.3 h standard bred, probably never raced. He loves the company of other horses and people is easy to catch, good to float and well behaved for dentist and farrier and keeps weight on easily.

Axel has only one eye and can be a little nervous on his blind side, he has also had past injury to his mouth and is missing a few teeth so will need regular visits by the dentist, because of these problems this friendly fellow will most likely be a paddock pal and not a riding prospect.





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