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Horses for Lease


Horse Available for Lease

Please note- all Project Hope Horses are available for LEASE ONLY, and subject to the following conditions:

1. A home check conducted by a PHHWV Representative

2. For rideable horses, successful completion of a riding compatability assessment

3. maintenance of a current PHHWV Membership for the term of the lease

4. The PHHWV horse must remain within Victoria

5. Mares are not to be used for breeding.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the available horses....

PHHW Bobby


Bobby is a 40 year old pony looking for a loving home to live out his remaining years.

Bobby is strictly retired - paddock ornament only.

PHHW Fergie


Fergie is looking for a long term home where she can be regularly ridden and reach her potential.

She is a 9 year old TB mare, around 16hh who is green. She needs a kind and confident rider but is easy to handle loves all attention you want to give her and will happily follow you around the paddock. Fergie has had good groundwork and is a quick learner, but has had little riding. With regular work she would go ahead in leaps and bounds.

She had a slight heart murmur when surrendered but this only prevents very strenuous exercise. Normal riding will not be a problem.

PHHW Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy March 2014
Miss Daisy in March

Miss Daisy in May
Miss Daisy in May

Miss Daisy is a sprightly bay SB mare of 30 years. When surrendered she was quite ribby and quiet, as her previous owner had no idea of what food she needed or that it was needed each day. She has been in short term rehab care with Julie for 4 months, has gained weight and is now much brighter. She likes company and is looking for someone who is kind but firm, able to let her know the rules and to enjoy her senior but sprightly retirement years.


Spike Spike

Spike is a 6 month old buckskin colt looking for a home to grow up for a while. He will need some handling but already is proving that nothing much worries him. His dam was a pony mare but he is expected to mature 14-15hh.



Lady is a 14.3hh brown Quarterhorse cross, about 14 years old. She has a very sweet nature, but unfortunately has a number of issues as a result of poor handling by her previous owner. She has yet to be convinced that we humans have anything worthwhile to offer her.

When Lady first came into care, she was difficult to catch, extremely head shy, not good at leading
and almost impossible to get onto a float. The short term carer has been working on these areas and Lady has shown tremendous improvement.

Lady has recently been assessed for riding by a local horse trainer. She does not seem to have any real understanding of the reins, and being asked to trot with a rider on board is quite alarming for her. The trainer spent his time simply asking Lady to slow down by the use of one rein only, bending left and right, just to make it clear in her mind that she did not have to run.

She made some real changes and the trainer agreed that she is indeed a lovely horse with the potential to be a good riding horse in the future.

Lady is now looking for a more permanent home. If you think a harsher bit and a bigger whip would be all that is needed to get her going nicely, then you are definitely not the type of person we want for Lady. She desperately wants to please, and deserves a chance at a happy future with someone that has the experience and time to commit to helping Lady recover her trust and
enjoy being a riding horse.



Destiny is the foal of PHHWV Spirit and has now matured to be 2.5 years old. She is a great little paddock companion to other horses and gets along really well with both mares and geldings. She has matured into a little 10hh compact pony and is very friendly and always interested in all that people are doing.

She has quite a strong character and determined always to do her own thing which likely means that she won't be suitable as a small kids pony. However, she could be a great pony at more challenging tasks such as pulling a jinker.

She is well used to daily stabling with bigger horses and is easy to manage by an adult. She is a great lawn mower and is smart enough to stay out of trouble should she continue to be a companion pony or if someone is interested in a project harness pony. She has great welsh style movement and is not afraid of anything.




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