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Horses for Lease


Horse Available for Lease

Please note- all Project Hope Horses are available for LEASE ONLY, and subject to the following conditions:

1. A home check conducted by a PHHWV Representative

2. For rideable horses, successful completion of a riding compatability assessment

3. maintenance of a current PHHWV Membership for the term of the lease

4. The PHHWV horse must remain within Victoria

5. Mares are not to be used for breeding.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the available horses....

PHHWV Dynamite

Dynamite needs a new home.

Unfortunately Dynamite’s current carer is relocating where most regrettably Dynamite cannot be accommodated.

He is a delightful very healthy 14 year old 16hh Thoroughbred Bay Gelding. He is a bright, friendly horse who is good to handle and has excellent manners with vets, dentist and farriers. He is up to date with all worming, vaccinations, teeth and feet, so he is ready and rearing to go his new home. He has been assessed as unsuitable for riding (His name is a good indicator) due to his temperament or previous treatment so he is available as a companion horse only.

If you too can give Dynamite a loving home please don't hesitate to get in touch.


A 15 year old 15hh appaloosa mare who was surrendered to PH quite recently. She initially displayed some suspicion and uncertainty towards humans and their handling of her, however short term carer and floating wizardess Kerryn found her responsive and willing to learn. She is now with Carol in Short Term Care, and ready to move to a home where she will be an independent but sweet-natured paddock companion, and learn those things that only a patient and relaxed carer can teach.


Suede is a roan mare, rising 9 yrs, 14.3 hh. Quarter horse x. Good to do anything with on the ground. Riding wise she can be a bit tense and hot if doing something she doesn`t fancy - like dressage. But she is never 'girthie' and has never looked to buck or pigroot even after a spell. She used to 'jack up' when leaving other horses but is fine now - although she is very smart and could soon learn to try someone out if she sensed a weakness. She is great trail riding, comfortable, goes anywhere, doesn`t have to be in the lead and is very sure footed.

Although she can be quite 'marey' she has never kicked out at another horse. She doesn`t really shy much but can move quickly if something does give her a fright. She is terrific with cattle work, great at opening and closing gates, ties up well, self-loads onto float. She is basically quiet but because she is smart and a little hot at times she needs a reasonably capable and confident rider. She would quite like to just be a 'pet ' horse I think and can be quite affectionate when not in full work.


Rusty is a mini with attitude!

He is a lovable clown who loves to test all boundaries and see how far he can go. He can be quite pushy and will require an experienced person with a firm hand. Rusty loves being in the company of others and would make a great companion. He needs a strict diet as he is very food orientated and has health issues due to poor diet and weight. We have worked with Rusty, and his feet, and over the months they have gotten better and he is better with them being handled. He can still be a bit silly but just needs a firm hand and needs to be told you’re in charge. This horse will put a smile on anyone’s face.

PHHWV Ginger

Ginger is a sweet timid little guy who needs lots of love and attention. He is still easily spooked and hesitant around people but once you win him over he is a big smooch. Ginger loves to be brushed and loved. He loves company and will fret when alone. He would be best with one or more companions. He can still be nervous about his feet and with his halter but with reassurance and a gentle handling he will accept both. Ginger will give you back any love tenfold.

PHHWV Peanut

Peanut is a 75cm mini. She arrived at my place as a joint RSPCA, The Winged Horse and Project Hope rescue, in terrible condition with a long shaggy coat – but she quickly improved. She was quite shy at first but once she learnt to trust she gained confidence. She has met the dentist and the farrier, been regularly wormed and floated a few times as well. She is quiet to do anything with but can get a little bossy over food. She is in fluffy paddock condition on hay (no hard feed) and can go into a paddock with any sized friends including big horses. Nothing much fazes her. Peanut hasn’t been broken in for riding, and is a companion or pet. She would love anyone with time to spend with her, and is the first to come to the gate when she sees me. She has no medical issues. Born on 22/11/2006 she is 9 years old.

PHHW Fergie

PHHW Fergie

It is with a heavy heart that Fergie is looking for a new long term home. Fergie is a 10 year old 16.2hh bay thoroughbred mare who has been with her current carer for approximately 2 years. She is a very lovable and kind horse, who is only being offered again as her long term carer does not have the confidence with such a big horse after having a 7 year break from riding.

Fergie would make a fantastic horse for someone who is experienced, confident and wants a horse to continue on her education as she is still quite green. She is not nasty in any way; she loves a cuddle and a brush (no need to tie her up for this as she will come to you!) and would make someone a great all-rounder. She lunges, has done some natural horsemanship training, is currently being lightly ridden, is good to have her feet trimmed and can be rugged/unrugged standing in the middle of the paddock without needing to be tied up. The ideal home for Fergie would be one where she is not alone – she likes companionship – and where she will have a kind, but firm rider. I can see this girl going far in the right hands. Please contact Noelle for further details on 0427 002269.

PHHW Rosie

PHHW Rosie

Rosie is a 15hh TB chestnut mare who is 10 years old. She is educated for riding but was until recently kept with little handling in a larger herd. Hence she is green and needs a competent rider initially as she needs to be reassured. Whatever it is, she quickly gets used to whatever she is faced with. Rosie has just completed several weeks of riding assessment and training.

She has accepted a huge number of changes in a few weeks, and has a sweet nature that indicates that once she is accustomed to being a riding horse, she will be a great for trails or light riding. Due to an old injury above her front knee, we would not lease her for jumping. She is just waiting to find a home where she can find someone who she can belong to. We expect that with a few months of experienced and regular work, she will become your most valued quiet riding horse.

PHHW Willow

PHHW Willow

Willow is a 5yo paint mare who came into Project Hope care after alleged neglect. She had been kept for breeding despite having bowed front legs. She would run up to be near people, but when close was scared of human contact, easily frightened.

Jillian spent 6 months handling Willow. Willow now takes time to trust you, but after this she is happy to be brushed, front feet picked up, and to be haltered and handled. She still does not like to go off on her own from the herd. Willow likes people and runs up to people she knows. She is looking to spend more time as a companion horse meeting new people, learning to be more relaxed and enjoying humans.





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