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Horses for Lease


Horse Available for Lease

Please note- all Project Hope Horses are available for LEASE ONLY, and subject to the following conditions:

1. A home check conducted by a PHHWV Representative

2. For rideable horses, successful completion of a riding compatability assessment

3. maintenance of a current PHHWV Membership for the term of the lease

4. The PHHWV horse must remain within Victoria

5. Mares are not to be used for breeding.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the available horses....

PHHWV Penelope

30yo, 12hh Grey Mare who is​ still recovering from recent neglect, very friendly mare.



Is a 12.2hh chestnut gelding.
This handsome young gelding has been cared for & handled by Project Hope member Tash since being surrendered to PHHWV. He is a dream to float, have his feet trimmed & takes all manner of noises, vehicles, obstacles and children without fuss. He has started training in harness as well as under saddle by Natalie. Project Hope has his papers now & he is reg Australian Pony & eligible for reg as Welsh Mountain pony.


PHHWV Ferguson

A 15h bay gelding, 10yo, stockhorse X. He has been in Project Hope care since April 2014, but was previously in a neglected and abused herd. Penny has been caring for him for the past six months. She writes “ He is actually becoming quiet smoochy on the ground. Georgia said he would make a great Western horse as his trot is very smooth. She also thinks he has Quarter horse in him and has been well bred, which is in his favour. “

He has been assessed and found to have been trained for riding by a natural horsemanship trainer. She is doing further sessions with him currently. Penny said “She has an extremely balanced seat and can read him like a book, so there were no problems. But (it was clear watching from the ground) he will need an experienced rider”.



14 YO Black Shetland Gelding.
 We have a very special little pony that needs a very special home with a very special carer.  This is not for the faint hearted so if you are interested - strap yourself in for what may be a bumpy ride.
Eddie came to us as a mature stallion suffering severely from laminitis and serious complications due to a lack of appropriate care.  His feet and teeth needed urgent medical intervention and it was touch and go whether he would survive the treatment.  Lucky for us and even luckier for Eddie he found himself in the care of an Angel named Bec who has moved heaven and earth to get this little fellow back on his feet – literally.
Without sugar coating anything the following items are what Eddie will need going forward:-
•        Eddie is always going to be a pony who’s ‘living on the edge’, in other words, he needs constant management.  It won’t take much for laminitis to occur again.
•        Eddie needs to live in a herd environment, and in a situation that’ll provide him with plenty of exercise – a laneway system is best. He’s currently on native pasture at with two mares, and has to walk uphill and into a sand arena to gain access to water.   The other paddocks are linked to a bush laneway system so as the herd is made to move between pasture, hay and water.  Great exercise and great for his hooves too.
•        Medication must be given to Eddie twice daily (for the rest of his life).
•        Eddie’s new carers must have an understanding and experience with laminitis e.g. understanding the condition as well as pasture management is essential.
•        Ideally, Eddie’s new owners need to be able to trim his hooves every couple of weeks or at least pay a barefoot trimmer, who understand laminitic hooves.
•        With the right management and environment, Eddie will have a very long, happy life.






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