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Horses for Lease


Horse Available for Lease

Please note- all Project Hope Horses are available for LEASE ONLY, and subject to the following conditions:

1. A home check conducted by a PHHWV Representative

2. For rideable horses, successful completion of a riding compatability assessment

3. maintenance of a current PHHWV Membership for the term of the lease

4. The PHHWV horse must remain within Victoria

5. Mares are not to be used for breeding.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the available horses....



She is a very attractive dark chestnut mare approx 14hh quarter horse x pony in her teens. She has a weight problem from incorrect feeding and lack of hoof care that has resulted in laminitis. However, this is improving with an ongoing treatment program. It is expected she will be a lovely solid riding pony in the future.



She is a sweet grey mare approx 13.2hh welsh pony in her 20s. She is the very close paddock pal to Torah. Sochi has multiple health problems that have gone untreated for a long time but are now improving. She is much more comfortable with treatment which needs to be ongoing for a long time. Despite her being in considerable pain when surrendered she has always been a pleasure to handle, which is why she is worth persevering with despite her complicated health problems.



Snippet is a black/brown yearling TB filly.

Snippet came to us in very poor condition and a warning that she may be too far gone, that she may not make it. She had all but shut down and we knew that it would be a hard battle but certainly one we didn’t shy away from. With constant veterinary consultation and a scientifically balanced feeding regime she thrived. Unfortunately Snippet arrived with an untreated eye injury and despite an intensive treatment program we were unable to save her eye, resulting in the removal late last year.

Snippet is a very well-adjusted filly that has shown true strength and determination to stay with her people. With all the cards stacked against her she has taken everything in her stride and is the most trusting and accepting yearling you will come across.

Snippet is now looking for someone who will continue her handling and introducing her to the world. She will need to go to a family of one or two horses so she can have a horse friend to help her with paddock life and an owner that has the time to dedicate to her handling to maintain her accepting personality.

In the time Snippet has been with us she has not shown any signs of biting or kicking, although she is a little touchy on her hind legs which if handled incorrectly could result in kicking. The only negative thing Snippet showed us was her dislike to dogs in her paddock. If the dogs venture into her paddock she will canter across the paddock to chase them out. This may soften with time.



Peg is a horse that has been rehabilitated by a Project Hope member several years ago. She has been living as a companion for another TB but due to the illness of her elderly carer, now needs another home. She is a good and bossy companion, and is fat and happy, so could be a good nanny for young horses.



Destiny is the foal of PHHWV Spirit and has now matured to be 2.5 years old. She is a great little paddock companion to other horses and gets along really well with both mares and geldings. She has matured into a little 10hh compact pony and is very friendly and always interested in all that people are doing.

She has quite a strong character and determined always to do her own thing which likely means that she won't be suitable as a small kids pony. However, she could be a great pony at more challenging tasks such as pulling a jinker.

She is well used to daily stabling with bigger horses and is easy to manage by an adult. She is a great lawn mower and is smart enough to stay out of trouble should she continue to be a companion pony or if someone is interested in a project harness pony. She has great welsh style movement and is not afraid of anything.



Amelda is around 10hh & is 6yrs old. Amelda is a stunning little pony who loves lots of attention & is a very intelligent little girl. Amelda is currently unbroken so she will need to go to an experienced home. Amelda bonds very well with other horses & once she gets to know you she will be your best friend. Amelda does tie easy to worm wash & is coming along nicely on the lead.




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