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In Rehabilitation



Amiira is a bay Arabian mare standing at approximately 14.2hh and believed to be in her late teens. Her past is largely unknown. She is wary of people and quite flighty. Once she settles into her short term care home, she will be assessed for rehabilitation needs and training.



Aster is a 15hh, chestnut Arabian X gelding estimated to be 10 years old. He has been wormed and will shortly have his feet and teeth done. He needs lots of trust training and good nutrition consisting of high protein, high calorie and high fibre. 



Bellebutton is an 8-year-old, 16.1hh bay Thoroughbred mare. She has not raced. She sustained an injury to a hind leg as a foal. Although sound, she is to not suitable for high level competition or hard riding. Bellebutton was recently being trained under saddle and the trainer reports that she is a kind, giving, sensible horse. It has been decided that she come back into rehabilitation as we had concerns about her health. Teeth done and bloods taken and currently on antibiotics. 




Digger is a 12hh, age TBC  black/brown mare We are considering her  to be trained under saddle very soon - once we have all the details complete about her readiness.  She is a friendly pony that will greet you in the paddock. Digger is a blank canvas that has a bright future ahead of her.  Keep a watch on her progress or contact us if you would like to know more.    



Hooby is a 15.2hh, dark bay, 16-year-old Thoroughbred mare. Hooby has only recently arrived at her short term care home and her carer will be spending time getting to know her and assessing her care requirements.



Jazz is a 25-year-old Flea-bitten grey Arab mare approx. 14.2hh.

Her past few years have not been her best but fortunately she has now been given a good restart with her rehabilitation. At some stage of her life, she has had some good handling. We believed she has had a few foals. At surrender, she was a body score 1.5.

Jazz is still in her evaluation and quarantine period. Her Faecal Egg Count (FEC) was at 1260 so considered a very heavy shedder and had an eye infection. We have had her teeth done as they had been neglected for quite some time – she has a missing 306 and had several sharp enamel points removed. She will require 6- 9 monthly checks. Jazz is microchipped, hooves trimmed and worming regime is in place. 

Jazz does have a lump in her throat region which is not consistent with a normal thyroid. A fine needle aspirate (FNA) was performed whilst is confirmed fragile cells there was no evidence of melanocytes.

She loaded with some trepidation initially but because we had time, some good groundwork was established, and she loaded and travelled easily. Catching and leading is now pretty much a comfortable action for her, rugs on and off still a little wary, great with farrier, drenching her was another good reason to train head down and park as was the washing episode – but all in all with clear positive requests she learns really quickly. 

Jazz has had to be on her own during her isolation and has shown no signs of   separation anxiety or stress – she loves her stable and her turnout each day. 

As the vet commented in her report – “ The horse was bright and alert and was a pleasure to do anything with.”  Jazz will be soon integrated with the other horses but for now she is coming along very well and a real kind horse. 




 MaySu is a 12hh grey pony mare. Her age is unknown at present, but will be determined upon dental check. She enjoys interacting with people and is comfortable being handled, including having her feet picked up. MaySu has only recently come into care and will shortly be having her feet done and a vet examination.



This lovable 15-year-old 15hh Bay Clydie X mare will be in short term care rehabilitation while losing some weight and having all her health needs attended to. 



Scarlett is a 15.1hh chestnut Thoroughbred mare estimated at 15 years old. As her level of training was unknown, she is being managed  as a newcomer to being handled and ridden. 
Scarlett has commenced her training/education and remarks from the trainer are that while she was a little tense initially there was no adverse reaction or bucks when ridden for the first time. Certainly an encouraging sign.    



Scout is a 13hh chestnut mixed pony gelding approximately 10 years old. He is having his welfare needs attended to and will be assessed to ascertain his level of education. He is reasonably settled and with gentle training will be a good pony. Scout's short term carer has been making some positive advancements in his ability to be handled with his legs being touched and a brief introduction to some lunging. Scout is now becoming more accepting of being brushed.  



Cedrick is a Grey  Standardbred 16hh, 15 years old gelding. The initial few weeks were very  high risk as his condition was that poor and his carer wasn't sure how he would respond. Within just 3 weeks he made a remarkable transition and started  to look at life with an eager nicker. His dental situation was also poor - elongation of two teeth were addressed but will need reducing further over the next few dental visits. He has settled in really quickly for his next phase of rehabilitation . Here's what his carer had to say "Cedrick is an old soul.... and such a sweet man. He is loving the constant love from us all.... he's such a good boy." He has been microchipped, and his health status is improving each week. 



Skittles is a 14.3hh chestnut Arabian gelding estimated to be around 10 years old. His level of training and education is completely unknown. He wants to trust, but is quite nervous. Once he has settled into his short term care home, we will be assessed for rehabilitation needs and training.