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We are a non-profit organisation, committed to providing hope for equines through
education, rehabilitation and advocacy.

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In Rehabilitation



Amiira is a bay Arabian Mare standing at approximately 14.2hh and believed to be in her late teens. Her past is largely unknown. She is wary of people and quite flighty. Once she settles into her short term care home, she will be assessed for rehabilitation needs and training.



Aztec is a 12 year old, 15.3hh bay thoroughbred gelding who has recently come into PHHWV care. Although Aztec had been on the one property for many years, he walked straight onto the float when transported. His behaviour was calm when being introduced to a new property and a new herd.  Aztec has had a vet check, dental check, faecal egg count  (FEC) and the farrier so his health care is up to date. There are scars on his hind legs, however there is no sign of lameness or impact from them. Aztec is currently having a behaviour assessment to ascertain the standard of his training both in-hand and under saddle. 



Betty is an 18 year old, 9hh Miniature Shetland mare. Betty currently has a good Body Condition Score, which should be maintained to prevent laminitis reoccurring. Due to her breed she will be prone to gaining weight. Betty has had vet, dental, faecal egg count (FEC) and farrier checks. Veterinary and farrier care has included x-rays and monitored hoof care. Although Betty has rotated pedal bones, she has a thick sole. This means that with healthy nutrition, regular trimming and monitoring it is expected that her hoof health can be rehabilitated over a 12 month period. 



This lovable 15 year old 15hh Bay Clydie X mare will be in short term care rehabilitation while losing some weight and having all her health needs attended to. 



Poppy is an 8 year old, 9hh black Miniature Sheltand mare. She has required hoof treatment due to neglect of her feet and will need regular trims moving forward. Her teeth have been done and she has been wormed and vaccinated. Her Body Condition Score is good and a healthy weight should be maintained to ensure her ongoing health.



Skittles is a 14.3hh chestnut Arabian gelding estimated to be around 10 years old. His level of training and education is completely unknown. He wants to trust, but is quite nervous. Once he has settled into his short term care home, we will be assessed for rehabilitation needs and training.