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We are a non-profit organisation, committed to providing hope for equines through
education, rehabilitation and advocacy.

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Ready for a home


Bellebutton is an 8 year old, 16.2hh bay Thoroughbred mare. She is a "clean canvas", having never raced and with little emotional baggage. With kind horsemanship training she could be moulded into the horse you've always dreamed of.  She is sensible, intelligent and ready to start work under saddle. 


Caviar is a 16hh, black  Standardbred X mare rising 10 years old. She is very inquisitive, intelligent and highly alert. She can be haltered and led with ease.  She will lift her hooves, but has developed a slight dislike for farriers over the last three trimming cycles; different farriers. Caviar does require an experienced horse handler as she can be strong willed at times.  She has been clicker trained for a few command and has proved to be an extremely quick learner.  She will thrive in the right hands.


Cressy is a cheeky 14.3hh 8 year old bay Standard Bred X mare. She is easy to catch, trim, float and handle in every way. She has represented PHHWV at two events where she took everything in her stride. She has been started under saddle and has a good basic education on the ground. She is ready to move to an experienced long term home where her education can be continued.



Easy is a 16hh, 27 year old Standardbred bay gelding. He is very easy going, but does require feeding as he has dental issues and doesn't utilise grass and hay as well as he used to.



Goose is a 14.1 hh, 7 year old Chestnut mixed pony gelding. He maintained good condition easily and great with the farrier. He is currently undergoing further saddle training and ground work due to previous trauma. He is a truly sweet and gentle pony.


Honey is a 13.2 hh 8 year old Chestnut mixed pony mare. Honey has undergone Natural Horsemanship training with an equine educator. She can be caught and haltered in a large herd. She confidently walks, trots when being led and will halt and back up when asked. Honey can be sent through gateways and is happy to jump over obstacles like a 40 cm log. She will walk over a ground tarp and will load onto a float. She has demonstrated that she enjoys the company of someone who has earned her trust.

Whilst Honey will do the things mentioned, she is extremely sceptical of new people and requires small steps of exposure to new people and situations. Once routine and confidence is established she is a pleasure to lead and take on groundwork adventures. As she can elevate quickly to flight mode, it is recommended that there is no attempt to ride her.

Her trainer is very happy to discuss techniques which will facilitate the transition to her new home.


Mia is a 15hh, 7 year old, brown Thoroughbred mare. She is still quite green, but very friendly, good natured and quiet around ride-on mowers and dogs. She will benefit greatly from who can spend the time with her. 




Moon is a 15.1 hh, 18 year old brown Standardbred mare. She has a very good temperament, but can be pushy if you let her. She came in with an untreated leg injury which is healing beautifully now. She is not 100% sound at trot or canter, but we believe that over time she will be. She was ridden in the past, she is fantastic for the trimmer, easy to worm and good to float. Moon is not 100% with young children or dogs, but fine with tractors, trucks, mowers and the like.




Sabrina is a 14.2hh, 9 year old bay Clydesdale Appaloosa cross. She has had limited training, but is a quiet sensible mare. She is good to catch and have her feet and teeth done.