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Ready for a home


Aurora is an 9 year old 15hh brown Thoroughbred x Welsh Pony mare. She had foundered, but this has been successfully treated. She is good to handle and will make a lovely companion horse.


Bellebutton is an 8 year old, 16.1hh bay Thoroughbred mare. She has not raced. She sustained a injury to a hind leg as a foal. Although sound, she is to not suitable for high level competition or hard riding. Bellebutton is currently being trained under saddle and the trainer reports that she is a kind, giving, sensible horse.


Bessie, a 16 year old Standardbred mare, is seeking a new home due to her previous owner's changing circumstances. Bessie is a good doer and does not seem to require extensive feeding. Her teeth have recently been done.
Bessie had not been handled for a long time and can be a bit nervous at first, but with patience and understanding, she has shown how quickly she can pick up skills and confidence. 
Bessie is lame at the moment and will require more regular corrective trims by a professional using the X-rays as a guide and a careful diet.
 Bessie is easy to worm and responds well to signals, her reactions are calm and considered – preferring to plant her feet than run away!  She does take a treat to catch, but stands quietly and ties up.  Bessie is happy either in a paddock on her own or with other horses (was not dominant mare in a trial herd).  She is confident to wait quietly until other horses return and will nicker in greeting.  If you are an experienced horse owner and have a horse who needs a companion or are looking to expand your equine family, consider giving Bessie a loving home. Due to the long term neglect of her feet, she is not suitable to be ridden.

Black Swan

Black Swan is a 7 year old 9 hh black shetland mare. She has had limited handling and is a little tricky to catch. Black Swan's hooves were very long and she has required feet rehabilitation. With further handling, she will be a lovely companion.


Chancey is a 14.1hh, 16 year old bay pony who was gelded when he came into PHHWV care. His level of education is unknown. He has just started being ridden in his short term care home without any issues.


Cleopatra is a 14.2hh, 18 year old grey Arabian mare. She is a confident horse that enjoys brushes and cuddles. Having not had any interaction with people for almost 12 months, she is responding well to being handled. However, there are still areas for improvement, such as being tied up as she tends not to stand still. She is respectful in the paddock with her gelding buddy. Cleopatra can display some anxiety when placed outside of the comfort of her paddock, however she is responding well to training.


Friday (on left above) is a 9hh 8 year old chestnut Shetland mare. She has had extra TLC to put on weight, has had a course of Panacur and access to ad lib hay. Her cushings test came back as negative, but her reading was high at 27.7 (29+ is considered a Cushings diagnosis). She is ready to go to an experienced home, where she will be able to build her trust and confidence.


Ollie is a 18 year old Miniature gelding who was suffering bad rain scald and lice, as well as numerous other health ailments. Thanks to the diligent and dedicated care from his Short Term Carer, Ollie has now completed his rehabilitation and is ready to move to his Long Term Home.




Paris is a 15hh, 17 year old, brown Standardbred mare. She exhibits separation anxiety when left alone, yet is perfectly fine when she herself is taken away from her paddock mate. Paris is not a ridden horse and seeks to be part of a mob that will always have horse/s with her to keep her company. She does float well, but can kick a bit initially and before she settles. She enjoys being groomed and is well behaved for the farrier. She is good to catch, tie up and worm. Paris is not fazed by cars, tractors and dogs.




Perry is a 16hh, 25 year old, bay Thoroughbred gelding. You may recognise him from our Home Page with his little friend. A good boy in every way, Perry is still actively being ridden and is in excellent health. He looking for a new long term home as his current carer wishes to focus on a younger horse. Perry will make a welcome addition to your home.




Phoenix is an almost black 7 yearr old stock horse thoroughbred cross gelding, of 15hh. He is currently at a trainers on his second under saddle preparation and is ready to go to his long term home. He needs a confident quiet rider to help further his education. He can be unsure and needs some help to get through different situations. He ties, is good to trim and lead, but will need some further float training.  His trainer says he is quite smart, but lacking confidence due to poor earlier training. Phoenix is located in Kilmore and we would like the prospective long term carer to have a couple of rides with his trainer present.




Rutherglen is a friendly, inquisitive 15.3hh, 18 year old Thoroughbred mare who would make a great companion horse. She handles well, is easy to catch and brush and has her feet trimmed regularly. She would do well with a patient handler as her recent history is unknown and we have not tried to ride or float her. She has been living alone and would thrive with a companion and a loving home. Despite being a Thoroughbred, she is a good 'doer' and maintains excellent condition quite easily.