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Ready for a home


Bessie, a 16-year-old, 16hh Standardbred mare, is seeking a new home due to her previous owner's changing circumstances. Bessie is a good doer and does not seem to require extensive feeding. Her teeth and hooves have been done. X-rays were used in the trimming process to correct overdue farrier work.
Bessie had not been handled for a long time and can be a bit nervous at first, but with patience and understanding, she has shown how quickly she can pick up skills and confidence. She is currently with Wendy's Horsemanship/Obstacles Ranch (photo credit) to improve her catching abilities. The second session of catching her, Bessie was catching the trainer instead and becoming familiar with many obstacles. Bessie ties up and stands quietly.
Bessie is easy to worm and responds well to signals, her reactions are calm and considered – preferring to plant her feet than run away!  Bessie is happy either in a paddock on her own or with other horses (was not dominant mare in a trial herd).  She is confident to wait quietly until other horses return and will nicker in greeting.  If you are an experienced horse owner and have a horse who needs a companion or are looking to expand your equine family, consider giving Bessie a loving home. Due to the long term neglect of her feet, she is not suitable to be ridden.


Paris is a 15hh, 17 year old, brown Standardbred mare. She exhibits separation anxiety when left alone, yet is perfectly fine when she herself is taken away from her paddock mate. Paris is not a ridden horse and seeks to be part of a mob that will always have horse/s with her to keep her company. She does float well, but can kick a bit initially and before she settles. She enjoys being groomed and is well behaved for the farrier. She is good to catch, tie up and worm. Paris is not fazed by cars, tractors and dogs.




Presto is a 9hh, 10 yr old mini roan.
He has quite the presence and will gladly follow you around the yard for walks. He is not fussed  about rural life - chickens, wheelbarrows, machinery etc. all taken in his little stride.
 Presto is  generally good to pick up his hooves, but can be a bit trying with the farrier. Furthermore, he maintains himself well and is considered a good doer. Being a mini he will need close management on his caloric intake. He can be evasive at times when being caught - the approach and retreat method can be useful here and giving a good wither scratch. Build on positive interactions with clear and consistent requests. 
At feed time, he can throw a pig root at you to try and make you drop his bucket. Therefore, he would need someone with clear training experience to delete this kind of response at feed time. Perhaps having park and back would help in his groundwork. Presto is  a real delight, truly loves being with humans, and will make a wonderful companion to humans and other horses.



Scarlett is a 15.1hh chestnut Thoroughbred mare estimated at 15 years old. As her level of training was unknown, she is being managed  as a newcomer to being handled and ridden. 
Scarlett has commenced her training/education and remarks from the trainer are that while she was a little tense initially there was no adverse reaction or bucks when ridden for the first time. Certainly an encouraging sign. She is wary and can be assertive to other horses.