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Horse welfare is our focus

Project Hope Horse Welfare Inc. is an incorporated non-profit organisation, committed to providing hope for Victorian equines through rehabilitation, education and advocacy

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Equine Rehabilitation
Grant 2021

PHHWV have been fortunate to be the recipient of an equine rehabilitation grant earlier this year.  

This fund injection will enhance the activities of our volunteer members over the next 12 months.

Click here to read more about how we will be able to support horse owners with scientific based education and expand our network to provide for horses in need.

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What's Coming Up..

December 2021

Members Christmas Party

January 2022

Grassroots Open Days

February 2022


April 2022

Seymour Expo

What We Do

For 48 years we have:

investigated horse neglect and abuse

saved horses and found them a caring home

offered education to all owners and the community

fundraised to give horses their best life

raised awareness about the plight of horses

advocated to legal channels to protect horses

existed because of volunteers - thank you.

Watch the video to find out more and to meet some of our beautiful horses.

In Rehabilitation

When horses come into care with Project Hope they start off in short term homes where they are assessed before we find a new home in long term care.
Follow our newest equines stories here.                               

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Your annual membership goes towards helping horses in our short term care.

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Lease a horse

When you become a member you also have the option of taking a horse into long term care.

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Report a horse

Let us know about a horse in need of urgent care or a home.

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Our Supporters

Project Hope value each and every one of you that help in various ways in which you all support us.
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Noelle Vine Member
10 Dec 2019

Their aim is to get the best possible outcome for the horses in as many cases as possible.
Courtney Pearman Member
31 Oct 2019

PHHWV are an incredible organization with wonderful volunteers changing horses lives. They will forever have my utmost gratitude for giving a special horse the life she deserves after being so let down by those responsible for bringing her into the world. All my love and respect xo