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Horse welfare is our focus

We are a non-profit organisation, committed to providing hope for equines through
education, rehabilitation and advocacy.

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Make a Bequest

Bequests are often referred to as the gift that keeps on giving.

A bequest, also known as a legacy, is a gift of money or assets you leave through your Will. Bequests are critical to Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria and the animals we support. They enable us to safeguard the vital community support services, ensuring we can continue to stand with horses in need.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria you will help horses in need and our organisation to continue to provide the care and support we do to surrendered and neglected horses throughout Victoria.

Different types of bequests

There are several types of bequests. Some are specified amounts of money, items of property or stocks and shares. Other bequests may be a percentage of an estate or there main derofan estate once family, friends and taxes are taken care of. You will need these details to make a bequest to Project Hope in your will.

Seeking the right advice

We suggest talking with your legal adviser when drawing up your Will to advise you on the wording. As a suggestion we offer the following:

Bequest FAQ

Can I leave my horse to PHHWV in my Will for them to be taken care of?

Project Hope is not in a position to guarantee they would be able to take your horse/s into care should you pass away. We would however always try and assist family members in some way in the event of your passing. 

Can I mention how I would like PHHWV to use my bequest?

Generally bequests are unconditional. If however you would like your bequest to be directed to a particular area, for example Education, you will need to have this written into your Will as part of your wishes.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to our work.

If you have other questions please contact us.