Horse welfare is our focus

We are volunteer-run
we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected or abused horses
across Victoria.

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The Project Hope story

How it all began 

Val Collingwood in 1973 wrote into RIDER magazine about the number of neglected horses in Australia and provided a solution. Her idea was to co-ordinate the rescue and rehabilitation of horses subjected to maltreatment or abuse. 

Val had a name too, Project Hope, in memory of a mistreated buck-jumper she tried to save. She gave him the name “Hope.’ but sadly he died three weeks later from a massive worm infestation at the tender age of three.

Val’s letter resonated with RIDER's audience and the scheme was loosely organised by districts with Val leading the charge. It took flight and in 1993 became a registered charity with the name Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria. The logo features Val and Hope.

The need for our existence is stronger than ever.   Read more..

What we do

Investigate horse neglect and abuse 

Advise and support owners

Rehabilitate neglected Horses

Educate groups on horse welfare    Read more..