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Horse welfare is our focus

We are a non-profit organisation, committed to providing hope for equines through
education, rehabilitation and advocacy.

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Help care for a horse

Provide hands-on help for Project Hope horses

To care or lease one our beautiful horses you need to:

These requirements protect the welfare of the horse and provides support to the owner.

Short term care

To help with short term care, you need to be a member and have knowledge and experience of horses. In addition they have all the facilities required to manage the different needs of horses including:

A short term carer helps with a horses rehabilitation, hence the need for extensive experience. They work in partnership with the committee and other members to provide the best care for a horse. Short term carers are offered support in their important role.

Many rehab carers speak of the enjoyment of seeing the change in the horses and the bond they make. It provides huge future benefits for the horse.

Occasionally, due to either medical problems preventing a healthy life, or dangerous behavioral problems, a horse or pony may be euthanised. We screen horses and ponies carefully before surrender, but sometimes it takes time for critcal problems to arise.

Long Term Care and leasing

When a Project Hope horse is well and on the way to good health and handling, they are ready to be rehomed into long term care on a lease.

We do not sell horses or adopt them out, they remain a Project Hope horse with a lease attached. This is of great benefit to the new owner of the horse.

  • We don't lose sight of our horses as we require at least an annual update on a horses progress.
  • If a horse is to be moved to a new location, we have to be informed. We also check the location is suitable, 
  • We are available to the carer for support and advice.
  • If a carers circumstances change and they can no longer care
    for a Project Hope horse, they can contact us and we will rehome
    the horse,

You will be provided with an extensive profile of your chosen horse including its quirks, handling, health and more.

We take the utmost care to perfectly match our horses and ponies with their new owner to ensure all are set for a long and happy future together.