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Curtis & Priscilla

Curtis & Priscilla

Introducing Curtis and Priscilla, 2 miniatures who have been together for many years.

Curtis is a white 9.2hh gelding in his late teens. Due to his pink pigmentation,
he is going to need a fly mask a lot to prevent sun damage to his eyes which causes weeping.
He is in good condition but not trusting of people. He is getting better with daily handling but will still occasionally try to bite or kick.
He appears to have had some head trauma as he does not like handling around his head area but once again this is improving with regular gentle handling.
For this reason it is recommended that he is not around children.

Priscilla is a white mare standing at 9.2hh and approx 12 year old.
She is easy to handle and reports from the previous owner is that she was great with kids. This is yet to be confirmed.
Priscilla can be a little  bit bossy over Curtis at feed time and this appears to be her only vice.

These two ponies will be looking for a long term home in the near future and preferably together.

If you are interested in giving Curtis & Priscilla a long term care home, get in touch via email with your inquiry.