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In Rehabilitation



Introducing Amiira is a bay Arabian mare standing at approximately 14.2hh and believed to be in her late teens. Her past is largely unknown. She is wary of people and quite flighty. Once she settles into her short term care home, she will be assessed for rehabilitation needs and training.



Introducing Aster is a 12-year-old, 15 hh chestnut Arabian X gelding. Unfortunately, little is known of his history. He has had little handling for the past 6 years, was initially underweight, infested with lice and very distrusting of people - especially being approached past his head or from above.  His initial feet trim, teeth float, vet check and first vaccination were done under sedation, and then he changed his Short Term Care home. Aster has completed lice treatment, vaccinations and worming. He has gained weight well (3.5 body score). His FEC will be repeated late Oct (it was low in July after the worming). He was initially scared of almost anything but since settling in has become accustomed to the neighbour's animals (sheep, dogs, chickens), traffic and the nearby noisy primary school. Aster is gentle but nervous and has a flight response.  His level of education remains unclear, but he seems to have some knowledge and memory. After building up a connection,  he can now be caught and groomed, he leads (needs improving) and ties up well. He remains fearful of touch by strangers, especially on the body. Aster is curious and calm with other horses. He has a kind nature and is a fast learner.  



Introducing Bellebutton is an 8-year-old, 16.1hh bay Thoroughbred mare. She has not raced. She sustained an injury to a hind leg as a foal. Although sound, she is to not suitable for high level competition or hard riding. Bellebutton was recently being trained under saddle and the trainer reports that she is a kind, giving, sensible horse. It has been decided that she come back into rehabilitation as we had concerns about her health. Teeth done and bloods taken and currently on antibiotics. 


Introducing Digger is a 12hh, age TBC  black/brown mare We are considering her  to be trained under saddle very soon - once we have all the details complete about her readiness.  She is a friendly pony that will greet you in the paddock. Digger is a blank canvas that has a bright future ahead of her.  Keep a watch on her progress or contact us if you would like to know more.    



Introducing Dozer is 15hh, 15 -year-old Clydesdale x gelding who came into Project Hope Horse Welfare care on  30.8.23. He was alone, and his owner was  no longer able to care for him. His teeth and hooves were well overdue. Dozer  had a little too much weight and some fat pads, but his insulin assay was normal. He had vet and farrier attend (most recent being 20.10.23), worming and vaccinations completed . Furthermore, Dozer has seedy-toe and thrush in all hooves - which is improving. There is evidence on the right fore of possible past laminitis. He is not
Dozer displays a quiet, well-mannered and gentle disposition - yet more assessments are ongoing for proof of this in more situations. He is easy to catch, lead, tie up, groom and handle his legs. He however, dislikes having his mouth touched or taking syringes. Dozer will start a learning regime to re shape this behavior as well as being assessed for going under saddle. He can startle at times and tends to internalise, so he likes patience and time to explore. Dozer has good cognition as well as  showing an understanding of  in-hand training.   



Introducing Hooby is a 15.2hh, dark bay, 16-year-old Thoroughbred mare. Hooby has progressed through the initial short term care process in adressing her physica, mental and nutritional needs.  
Hooby did well with the farrier - the front hooves did have areas of seedy toe which the farrier has resected and cleaned and treated. She is on 5 weekly trims and this has resolved the issue. 
Reports from trainer is  that Hooby is responding well to ground work. An assesment will be done on her ability to be ridden. We are very mindful of her age and will not go past her level of acceptance to saddle work. 


Introducing  MaySu is a 12hh grey pony mare. Her age is unknown at present, but will be determined upon dental check. She enjoys interacting with people and is comfortable being handled, including having her feet picked up. MaySu has only recently come into care and will shortly be having her feet done and a vet examination.



Introducing Petal is a Stockhorse x Thoroughbred mare 14.2hh 13yr old. Was one of two surrendered. She required extensive nutritional management and behavior assessment. Petal's first stage of rehab is completed for all her feeding requirements and is now in a very healthy weight range for a horse of her type. Some 10 weeks were spent reassuring her and relaxing her. Grooming and moving around her was done extensively as she tended to be a little too much in your space. Petal also exhibited heightened arousal when horses in other paddocks were moved around and became quite herd bound and dependent.  Petal has since  been sent to  Brad (Wild West Horsemanship)  on 12th October 2023 to undergo further training and assessment. Petal has been in with another horse and slowly moved away into an adjoining paddock to see what her reactions are - so far Petal has been quite ok. Groundwork and catching in a larger paddock is the focus. Petal has been good with obstacles and flags. There is a lovely horse under all this, it will take knowledge and understanding seeing Petal be a relaxed horse and one that can be consistent with responses that don't involve high levels of anxiety.  


Introducing Cedrick is a Grey  Standardbred 16hh, 15 years old gelding. The initial few weeks were very  high risk as his condition was that poor and his carer wasn't sure how he would respond. Within just 3 weeks he made a remarkable transition and started  to look at life with an eager nicker. His dental situation was also poor - elongation of two teeth were addressed but will need reducing further over the next few dental visits. He has settled in really quickly for his next phase of rehabilitation . Here's what his carer had to say "Cedrick is an old soul.... and such a sweet man. He is loving the constant love from us all.... he's such a good boy." He has been microchipped, and his health status is improving each week. 



Introducing Skittles is a 14.3hh chestnut Arabian gelding estimated to be around 10 years old. His level of training and education is completely unknown. He wants to trust, but is quite nervous. Once he has settled into his short term care home, we will be assessed for rehabilitation needs and training.