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Ready for a home


Introducing Ally, a 13-year-old, 13.3hh bay pony mare who has been within Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria for some time. Until recently, Ally had a wonderful paddock friend of 4 years but sadly her companion had passed away. Ally is known to have a gentle and quiet nature. She leads well, easy for the hoof trimmer and to rug. Having a carrot to reward being caught is always best practice. All is what many would call a "good doer." Ally is not riden horse so companion only. Her current carer has this to say about Ally - "She is a real sweetie but needs to be with another horse. Ally would make a perfect paddock companion for your horse or pony."


Introducing Bessie, a 16-year-old, 16hh Standardbred mare, is seeking a new home due to her previous owner's changing circumstances. Bessie is a good doer and does not seem to require extensive feeding. Her teeth and hooves have been done. X-rays were used in the trimming process to correct overdue farrier work.
She has completed her time with Wendy's Horsemanship/Obstacles Ranch (photo credit) to improve her catching abilities. The second session of catching her, Bessie was catching the trainer instead and becoming familiar with many obstacles. Bessie ties up and stands quietly.
Bessie  responds well to signals, her reactions are calm and considered – preferring to plant her feet than run away! Bessie is happy either in a paddock on her own or with other horses.  She is confident to wait quietly until other horses return and will nicker in greeting.  If you are an experienced horse owner and have a horse who needs a companion or are looking to expand your equine family, consider giving Bessie a loving home. Due to the long term neglect of her feet, she is not suitable to be ridden.

Captain and Star

Introducing Captain Carrot but just Captain to us. He is 25 years old (young) Strawberry Roan 9hh a kind, friendly boy who enjoys interacting with people (and carrots!). He is easy to catch, trim and handle and can be led by children.He is used to dogs and not phased by loud vehicles-tractors etc. Furthermore, he actually loves a cuddle around the head and neck. The only thing you need to take care with him is brushing him under his belly around his sheath, go slowly and carefully when grooming this area.  Star - 10 y old, 11hh Bay, Mare is bright and inquisitive but prefers not to be rushed, and she will come to you. She was nervous when she first came in but with regular handling and learning to turn to look toward you, she has relaxed and built trust. She is easy to catch, brush and trim and shows affection. However, she can frighten easily with sudden movements around her, hence she is not to be around children and supervised with people unfamiliar with horses. She is a wonderful paddock mate


Introducing Jazz is a 25-year-old Flea-bitten grey Arab mare approx. 14.2hh.

Her past few years have not been her best, but fortunately she has now been given a good restart with her rehabilitation. At some stage of her life, she has had some good handling. We believed she has had a few foals. At surrender, she was a body score 1.5.

Jazz has finished her evaluation and quarantine period.  We have had her teeth done as they had been neglected for quite some time – she has a missing 306 and had several sharp enamel points removed. She will require 6- 9 monthly checks. Jazz is microchipped, hooves trimmed and worming regime is in place. 

Catching and leading is now pretty much a comfortable action for her, rugs on and off still a little wary, great with farrier, drenching her was another good reason to train head down and park as was the washing episode – but all in all with clear positive requests she learns really quickly. 

As the vet commented in her report – “ The horse was bright and alert and was a pleasure to do anything with.”  Jazz will be soon integrated with the other horses but for now she is coming along very well and a real kind horse .

Meg and Stella

Introducing Meg is approximately a  15 - year -old, 9hh Shetland mare.
Introducing Stella is a 19 - year - old grey pony mare.
These two are  looking for a long-term home and must remain with each other. They have been close paddock friends for over 10 years and are companion ponies only. Meg is a sweet soft mare who is quite content just hanging out with her paddock mate Stella. Meg is easy to catch and good for the farrier and dentist.  Meg has spent most of her life being a companion pet for an older retired woman and is a very well handled pony. Stella is sensitive and needs someone that is willing to spend some time with her initially, with that she will come around in no time, and she is good to catch once she trusts you. You need to be a patient when worming her, but she is good for the farrier and the dentist. 


Introducing Netty is a 15-year-old 15hh Bay Clydie X mare.
She in short term care and is progressing with her rehabilitation while losing some weight, and she has all her health needs attended to - dental/farrier etc.  
Netty went to be assessed  and is  being a managed as a  green-started horse despite her being started somewhere in her life. Good on ground and very responsive to voice. Need to consolidate the bridling and work under saddle. It appears that she was not mouthed correctly at the start and this is being addressed by the trainer. Certainly a lovely mare that has a future with a knowledgable home.     


Introducing Paris is a 15hh, 17-year-old, brown Standardbred mare. Paris is not a ridden horse and seeks to be part of a mob that will always have horse/s with her to keep her company. Paris has  a fantastic and gentle disposition and loves being around people. She enjoys being groomed and is well-behaved for the farrier. Furthermore, she is good to catch, tie up and worm. Paris is not fazed by cars, tractors and dogs. All what Paris asks for is to be part of a family that will have her in with her paddock mates and be happy. 




Introducing Presto is a 9hh, 10 yr old mini roan.
He has quite the presence and will gladly follow you around the yard for walks. He is not fussed  about rural life - chickens, wheelbarrows, machinery etc. all taken in his little stride.
 Presto is  generally good to pick up his hooves, but can be a bit trying with the farrier. Furthermore, he maintains himself well and is considered a good doer. Being a mini he will need close management on his caloric intake. He can be evasive at times when being caught - the approach and retreat method can be useful here and giving a good wither scratch. Build on positive interactions with clear and consistent requests. 
At feed time, he can throw a pig root at you to try and make you drop his bucket. Therefore, he would need someone with clear training experience to delete this kind of response at feed time. Perhaps having park and back would help in his groundwork. Presto is  a real delight, truly loves being with humans, and will make a wonderful companion to humans and other horses.



Introducing Scarlett is a 15.1hh chestnut Thoroughbred mare estimated at 15 years old. As her level of training was unknown, she is being managed  as a newcomer to being handled and ridden. 
Scarlett has commenced her training/education and remarks from the trainer are that while she was a little tense initially there was no adverse reaction or bucks when ridden for the first time. Certainly an encouraging sign. She is wary and can be assertive to other horses.   




Introducing Scout is a 12-year-old, 13hh chestnut mixed pony gelding. Scout's short term carer has been making some positive advancements in his ability to be handled with his legs being touched and a brief introduction to some lunging. Scout is now becoming more accepting of being brushed. He adores children and actually nudges other horses away to get the attention. He leads super well amnd learns well with consistent kind and calm training. Not only that, but he is ready to re home and would make a great companion pony to be adored and loved.